I have a website.

I’ve been creating for a reasonable number of years. Those years creating were spent creating for others. I had countless ideas of myself, but I always came up with excuses. The guilt of those excuses built up over time, when, finally, I’d had it. Enough was enough.
You’re looking at the result: a new website, just for me. A wanky piece of self-indulgence, but it’s mine.

Where I pretend it was a struggle

When you’re planning to tell the internet about yourself, you have to figure out who you are.

  • Am I a web developer who knows about typography and layouts?
  • Am I a designer who knows about code?
  • Am I a programmer who knows about the web?

I still don’t know, and I don’t want to choose. I’m all of the above and I like it.
When trying to start building my personal website, it posed a bit of a problem though: I wanted to do everything myself, in the best way possible, lest I perceive myself an unworthy designer and developer. This lead to endless stalling. “I need to design a blog. But then I need somewhere to write posts. I guess I need some sort of admin interface. My situation is very unique, so I have to build it myself.”

I think I’ve started over at least five times.

Then, I decided to let go. Make a design and let other software publish the site. Not writing all the code for my own website seemed like a scary premise, but peace of mind and an actual result loomed at the end of this life-draining ordeal.

Finally, I did it. Thanks for visiting.

Now what?

  • I’m adding examples of past work as I go, and I’m starting up the habit of writing posts.
  • I’m working on a football website called Clubwatcher. (Go to our Feyenoord page if you’re a supporter of Feyenoord.)
  • I have several poster projects lined up, ready for print.
  • I’m availabe for hire, if you need something designed or programmed.